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Geography: The Spatial Science

"Geography is the only subject that asks you to look at the world and try to make sense of it. The field never stops being exciting because that's what geography is all about - trying to make sense of the world." Peirce F. Lewis, Professor Emeritus of Geography, Pennsylvania State University. “If you want to understand the world, why not start with a river, a mountain, a village, a city, a road, and follow it to the ends of the earth?” Geography asks the big questions — Where? How? Why? What if? — and gives us the perspective to answer them with advanced technology and a solid knowledge of the world in which we all live together”.
Michael Palin, the man behind travel shows like Around the World in 80 Days, Pole to Pole and Full Circle says ‘Geography is no longer just something which you learn from a book and a map and that's it. It's very much now a collaborative thing. Studying geography is key to understanding the world. It broadens the mind and it just helps us to understand how other countries are the ways they are, and this is really very important in just helping us to realize that we all share the same planet and we should know more about what makes us different as well as what makes us similar. Field trips are very important…I looked at books, I looked at maps, I looked at atlases, I enjoyed that, but the thing that inspired me most of all was being taken from the school into the local area to look at nature. To look at the way the land looked, to understand the geography, to walk up little hills and streams and see how the ecological system worked, look at the environment”.Read More...

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The Indian Journal of Spatial Science (IJSS) is a Peer-Reviewed/Refereed open access journal with all the content published under free licenses, and anyone is allowed to read, download, copy, and distribute.
The publication of the IJSS is based on the ‘Indian Society of Spatial Scientists’ (ISSS) aim to make ‘Research in Spatial Science (Geography, Geology, Geoinformatics, and Social Science Disciplines)’ of ‘Global Standard’.
Basically, it is intended for publishing the research paper documented by the young scholars of geography and allied disciplines. Contributions to the IJSS are always welcome from scholars, academicians, teachers, practitioners, and concerned individual. However, they should strictly conform to the Author’s Rule Book.
The IJSS has been awarded the EISSN 2249 – 4316 for the On-Line Version and ISSN 2249 – 3921 for its CD / DVD Version in 2011 by the National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources. Since 2014, the IJSS has been affiliated by the Humanities and Social Sciences Net On-Line ( and later it has been indexed by the Advance Science Index ( 1260). The Impact Factor (ASI Score) in September 2019 is 1.32. In May 2017, the UGC enlisted The IJSS under Science (Sr.8083), Social Science (Sr.12872), Arts & Humanities Category (Sr. 6048) till May 2018. In June 2018, the Citefactor has enlisted the IJSS and also allowed to use its Logo. On December 15, the UGC has re-approved re-included at Sl No. 7617.The Cosmos Inpact Factor 2018=6.521.
The content of IJSS does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the ISSS except where explicitly identified as such. Hence, the Editorial Board or the ISSS shall in no way be responsible for the views expressed by the authors in their articles.

Prof Ashis Sarkar

Managing Editor and Publisher



Prof. Ashis Sarkar, W.B.S.E.S.
Managing Editor and Publisher: IJSS
(Retired Prof and Head: Presidency College/University and Chandernagore College)